While The Feature Is Essentially A Greatly Enhanced Version Of Your Chrome History, Some Users May Want To Stop Google From Storing So Much Data About Their Online Activities.

Google has launched a My Activity page, which gives you a detailed overview of everything you've done on Google, ever (provided you haven't explicitly forbid Google to accumulate this data). SEE ALSO: Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks the answer to better privacy may be AI This includes your entire Chrome browsing history, search queries on Google, image searches, videos you've watched on YouTube, Google Now cards you've seen, to name a few. Android users and those heavily reliant on Google's services will likely find that this page contains their entire online life. I've turned most of my Google history off, but I forgot one setting: My Chrome history. Image: Stan Schroeder, Mashable The history is searchable, and you can also filter it by date and product. Furthermore, for each day Google will offer a neat overview, showing you how many items are there, and which platforms or services they're related to. In bundle view, Google offers an overview of your history for each day. You can also see your history in item view, which lists every individual item separately. Image: Stan Schroeder, Mashable Not everything is here; for example, the aforementioned Maps history is located on a different page. However, you can access this and all other Google histories from the menu on the left. While the feature is essentially a greatly enhanced version of your Chrome history, some users may want to stop Google from storing so much data about their online activities. You can fine tune those settings on Google's Activity Controls page, where you can pause Google from gathering data related to your web activity, location history, voice and audio activity, devices you use and your YouTube history. Google's ad tracking has been expanded, but you can turn it off This new feature is tied, Wired reports , to another major change related to Google services: Google is now using data it has gathered from you to serve you better-targeted ads. Google has previously done it on its own services, but this has now been expanded to third-party sites as well. "When you use Google services like Search and YouTube, you generate data things like what youve searched for and videos youve watched.

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(A pinata in progress depicting the drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is seen in front of a television showing a news bulletin of him, at a workshop in Reynosa, in Tamaulipas state, Mexico, January 13, 2016.REUTERS/Daniel Becerril) Lawyers for jailed Mexican kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman filed two appeals against his extradition late Monday night in Mexico City, according to the Associated Press. A judge in the Mexican capital granted a temporary stay ofGuzman's extradition, in place until the appeals can be heard. Jose Refugio Rodriguez, one of Guzman's attorneys, told the AP that the appeals argue that the statute of limitations on some of the charges leveled against Guzman have expired and that some of the accusations against him are based on hearsay, rather than direct evidence. Guzman's appeals come a little more than a month after the Mexican government approved the drug lord's extradition to courts in Texas and California. Despite the extradition's approval, Guzman's legal team can still file injunctions against his transfer , and Rodriguez said on Tuesday that the process could take three years. In California, Guzman has been accused of conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine, and he has been accused of criminal association, weapons possession, homicide, and money laundering in Texas. The Mexican government's approval of Guzman's transfer north was conditioned in part on the US waiving the death penalty. Rodriguez argued there are insufficient guarantees that will happen, saying that the US embassy in Mexico doesn't have the power to ensure it. "Who is the ambassador to promise this?" Rodriguez said , according to the AP. "He is the United States representative for diplomatic relations and lacks the authority to say that the death penalty will not be applied." View gallery . (The prison near Ciudad Juarez, where "El Chapo" Guzman is currently being held.Google Maps/Reuters/Amanda Macias/Business Insider) While his extradition has only been approved to two US jurisdictions, charges are pending against Guzman in five federal-district courts , including Chicago, Miami, and Brooklyn, New York.

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